These credit card bottle openers make for a quick and easy groomsman gift that is convenient and practical. Get yours with custom engraving for each member of your wedding party. 

Choose from text-only version or get yours with a monogram or custom artwork in addition to personalized text.

We offer plenty of fancy groomsmen gift ideas on our site.

But we realize that not everyone wants to spend $50+ on a gift for each groomsman.

Plenty of grooms are also looking for a small trinket they can throw in with the rest of their groomsmen gifts.

Lots of couples who want to find something affordable to use as wedding favors. Low prices are good when you're handing something out to most or all of their wedding guests.

If any of those scenarios sound like you, then our credit card bottle openers might be the perfect fit for your wedding.

Once you handle one of these bottle openers, you’ll notice that “credit card bottle opener” isn’t just a clever name — they’re the exact same size and shape as a standard credit card:

And they’re only twice the thickness of a credit card. So they’ll slide into your wallet without being too bulky to carry around with you:

Credit Card Bottle Openers

But despite their small size, their stainless steel construction means that they’re plenty durable.

Despite my best efforts to bend one with my bare hands, I was unsuccessful in getting anything more than a little bit of flex from them. 

Credit Card Bottle Opener with Custom Engraving

If you’re looking to buy 50+ with the same engraving on all for wedding favors: send us a message at and we can get you a bulk pricing quote.